While GTA V is all the rage these days, Rockstar still hasn't made it available for the PC audience, which in turn means that there's no movie studio feature to make (or remake) all kinds of awesome stuff within GTA V. Nevertheless, some gamers have taken it upon themselves to do what they can with what limited functionality is afforded to them in GTA V, attempting to redo scenes from Skyfall or the trailer from The Purge: Anarchy, or even rolling out some amazing plane-to-plane stunts in Rockstar's latest title.

However, the quality of those remakes suffer from the lack of Rockstar's embedded movie editing tools from GTA IV. One of the things gamers have nearly come to master in the 2008 outing is the ability to completely transform Grand Theft Auto into entirely new beasts, including outputting amazing trailer remakes from other games, music videos or even movies. Just like the ones in this list.

James Bond: 007 Blood Stone Trailer
Why not start with James Bond? This trailer doesn't quite sport the complete modded overhaul that we've come to appreciate in GTA from other videos and trailers (especially lacking the Craig model, which would have increased the appeal of the trailer by 100 fold), but this entry does sport some extremely slick editing and the original audio track overlay from Activision's 007 title that was criminally underutilized. The game itself may have faded from out of the existence of digital distributors due to publishing rights passing from out of Activision's hands, but gamers will always have games like GTA IV to remind them that beyond watching trailer remakes, they can also grab a Daniel Craig mod and do all the James Bondsy stuff that was featured in the original Blood Stone.

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