Hearthstone has become my current obsession. I've been playing the game on a near-daily basis for the past couple months and will probably continue doing so for a long time.

It's definitely a love-hate relationship, though. Hearthstone manages to regularly piss me off. Many of the things I hate about the game are also what keep me coming back for more, though.

Short Matches
Short Matches
I've lost more Hearthstone matches than I could count. Matches are only 5-10 minutes long so it's a very efficient way to bruise my ego. Certain decks can wipe me out before I even scratch the enemy Hero.

Even if I do win, the joy is fleeting. Just moments after a hard-won victory, someone kills my buzz with a well-timed Unleash the Hounds or Defender of Argus.

The quick matches do make the losses hurt less, though. The time between knowing I'm screwed and then actually losing is a lot shorter than it is for, say, Dota 2. Defeat is swift and merciful, allowing me to move on to the next match. On the off-chance I run into someone who wants to prolong the match out of cruelty, there's always the "Concede" button.

I'm not going to pretend like I handle each loss like a calm, reasonable adult. If iPads were $10 apiece, I'd be breaking one over my knee every week. However, with every new losing streak, my frustration with the game has decreased. Defeats are too short and numerous to remember in detail, and it's tough to get too angry about something I forgot.

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