From additional maps and quests to super expensive pieces of horse armor, downloadable content ranges the spectrum. While DLC has generally been accepted as just another part of modern gaming, however, it's not always welcomed by the players with open arms. Sometimes, though, that additional content is well worth the added price of admission.

The problem with DLC is that a few bad examples can ruin the entire experience for everyone. Charge players too much money for too little content or, even worse, content that feels like it should have been included in the core game, and folks will start to view additional content, in its entirety, as a bad thing.

But while it's probably easier to complain about those games that got DLC wrong, we shouldn't forget that some developers managed to hit it out of the park with their downloadable content. Here's our list of some of the best games that got DLC so, so right.

Minerva's Den
BioShock 2: Minerva's Den
While most gamers seem to remember BioShock 2 as the follow-up that never quite lived up to the brilliance of the original, the Minerva's Den DLC had folks singing a decidedly different tune. A separate tale from the main game, Minerva's Den takes place in a new branch of Rapture where technology is king. You take on the role of another Alpha series Big Daddy, Sigma, who must unravel the mystery of Charles Milton Porter, the man who built the supercomputer that runs much of the underwater city. One of the BioShock series' greatest strengths is its ability to tell a compelling story, and condensing such a yarn into a more bite-sized piece of DLC allowed Porter and Sigma's tale to pack an even meaner punch. There was plenty of great gameplay crammed in, too, with upgrades accelerated to take you from zero to hero of the course of a small campaign.

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