Skyrim Movie: A Fan Shares His Vision

Bethesda isn't making a movie based on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, everyone's got an idea of how they should do it. One fan shared his vision for a film adaptation today and it's actually much better than you'd expect.

The easy way to pull off a Skyrim movie would be to just use the main storyline from the game. You'd have to make some cuts here and there to tighten it up, but you'd be able to keep the plot mostly intact. A Metro reader has a more radical solution to translate Skyrim into movie form, though.

"Instead of one Dragonborn – how about two? The film would open in much the same way as the game. On a wagon with Ulfric Stormcloak towards execution are two people destined to be Dragonborn. A man and a woman. She would be the heroine, he would later become the villain. And the narrative would follow their choices."

After the two escape from execution, they split up and take very different paths through Skyrim. The villain joins Ulfric's rebellion and the Dark Brotherhood. The hero becomes a member of the Thieves Guild, an Archmage and a Companion. Along with the Empire, she faces the villain and the Stormcloaks in a climactic showdown.

I like the idea of weaving all of the different questlines from Skyrim together into one story. It captures the central Skyrim experience. That being said, this movie would be like ninety hours long. The two different main characters also makes it feel like two separate movies.

"Pete, I bet you have a terrible idea for a Skyrim movie that can fill out the rest of this article," you might be saying. Well, you're right. I've got my own plan for a Skyrim film and I'm going to share a couple scenes with you.

INT. DRAGONSREACHThe weary DRAGONBORN enters the great hall. He holds a dragon skull under one arm. JARL BALGRUUF is sitting on his throne, conferring with his housecarl IRILETH. They turn when they notice the adventurer.JARL BALGRUUF: (stands) Adventurer, you have my gratitude for stopping that -The Dragonborn walks past the two into a side room.IRILETH: Well, that was weird.JARL: Weird or not, he saved our city from that dragon. I'm willing to make certain allowances.The sound of boxes opening and bottles smashing is heard from the other room.IRILETH: I think he's robbing us.JARL: He saved our city!IRILETH: And I get that. I do. However, he's also robbing us.The Dragonborn emerges from the room, backpack overflowing with gold pieces and potions. He nods to the Jarl and Irileth and exits the great hall.JARL: I still feel like we came out ahead, here.EXT. WHITERUNThe Dragonborn attempts to walk through Whiterun's gates. Two guards, with swords raised, bar his exit.GUARD: Dragonborn, I can't let you leave. You robbed, like five houses. You're also wearing my partner's helmet.GUARD 2: Everyone's going to think I lost it!The Dragonborn pauses for a moment. He then hits the two with a FIREBALL, sending them to the floor. He takes the helmet off the first guard, puts it on top of his other helmet, and leaves the city.

Bethesda, if you want to send me bags of money for the complete screenplay, you know where to find me.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.