Each of the games on this list were either highly anticipated, hugely promoted or carried massive expectations. This isn't to say that players hated these games – because some gamers definitely loved them – it's to say that after all the hype, these titles were very disappointing relative to the hype.

Whether it was launching with barely any content or launching with a lot of broken features, each of these games managed to disappoint and underwhelm for one reason or another. Despite some massive budgets for a few of these titles, it didn't stop the games from tripping and falling on their face once they hit the market – this is despite the fact that just about every game on this list sold quite well. So here are the major games that failed to properly meet player expectations and disappoint greatly in 2014.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts' first-person, mech-shooter Titanfall had a lot of potential but it seemed to do too little to capture and retain an audience. The game launched with a ton of fanfare and a lot of commercialization, but unfortunately marketing wasn't enough to keep gamers coming back for more. The PC version even had some modes taken out of the playlist cycle, and gamers eventually complained about some of the multiplayer modes being ghost towns. Mechanically the game seemed to function quite well, but limited 6-on-6 matches, no single-player mode a rapidly declining online community made Titanfall fail to live up to its true potential.

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