If there’s one thing Telltale Games has become famous for, it’s telling new and interesting stories in familiar universes. Which got us thinking: What IP should Telltale work its magic on next?

While the Back to the Future and Jurrasic Park Telltale games weren’t as well received by critics and fans as some of their more recent work, the team has been on a roll these past few years with games set in world of The Walking Dead, the Fables comic book series (Wolf Among Us), Game of Thrones and Borderlands.

Combining standard adventure game tropes with some creative ideas (like decisions that have lasting effects), Telltale has built a catalog of episodic games that breathe new life into characters and worlds we already know and love. Here’s a list of seven properties we’d like to see them tackle next.

Silent Hill
I know! Rad idea, right?

Since Konami may or may not be done making AAA games and they already ripped my heart out by breaking up the dream team of Hideo Kojima and Guillarmo del Toro with the cancellation of the ill-fated Silent Hills project, loaning out the license to a third party like Telltale may be the only way we ever get to see a new game in the series.

Probably the best possible version of that scenario would be for Telltale to get their hands on those fog-covered streets and craft something truly magnificent. The Silent Hill games have always been more about psychological scares than fast-paced monster-slaying action, which would feel right at home plugged into the Telltale formula. Mix that with some environmental puzzles, a cast of troubled characters and choices that lead to some terrifying conclusion and you have the skeleton for what could evolve into a new horror classic.

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