In celebration of International Women's Day yesterday, I think it's only fair that we collect and list some of the best female video game protagonists.

Things have changed so much these days in video games. I feel like there are just as many female protagonists as male protagonists—and it even seems like female protagonists are a trend right now.

And I just want to clarify that this is just a mere snapshot of how many women actually exist in video games, because there are plenty more. So here’s nine of my favorite strong female protagonists that kicked total ass in video games.

1. Jade from Beyond Good And Evil
In Beyond Good And Evil, the player takes control of Jade, who is a photojournalist working with the lovable pig-like character, Pey’j, to rescue orphans . Ubisoft wanted to create a woman who wasn’t a sex symbol, but rather a relatable woman with real aspirations and a true personality. You’ll notice Jade doesn’t dress in sexy clothing either, furthering the notion that real women don’t walk around in thongs and high heels every day, or have their boobs hanging out during an adventure. Honestly, it was a huge stepping stone for the portrayal of women in video games, creating the idea that women can star in a game without putting out a strong, sexual aura.

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