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Beyond Good And Evil HD Announced For Xbox Live Arcade, PSN

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is nowhere to be seen and and Lord knows when it'll actually be released. Fortunately, Ubisoft is preparing an Xbox 360/PS3 remake of the first game to tide everyone over.

BG&E stars Jade, a reporter investigating a government conspiracy. She'll have to infiltrate high-security government installations in order to dig up evidence. If caught, she can rely on her martial arts training to dispense any foes. Add in a few puzzles and a hovercraft and you've got an interesting hybrid game that sadly went unnoticed by many.

Beyond Good and Evil HD adds 1080p high-def graphics to the 2003 classic. Character models and textures will both be spruced up. The musical score is being remastered as well.

BG&E HD will launch in 2011. It will be available for purchase through Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.