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Atlus' erotic horror game Catherine will be making its way to North America soon. The publisher just announced a July release date for this territory.

Catherine will arrive in North America on July 26th. It's been in store shelves in Japan since February. No European release has been announced but if you've got a PS3, you can import it because that console is region-free.

In Catherine, players control a young man named Vincent. After meeting a mysterious woman named Catherine, he begins having horrible nightmares. These nightmares play out as puzzle-platform segments, in which Vincent must escape the nightmare while avoiding various horrors. The other half of the campaign takes place while Vincent is awake. The player must make a series of moral decisions that will affect the story, namely about how he treats Catherine as well as his long-time girlfriend Katherine.

Catherine also has a multiplayer component. In Babel mode, two players work together to progress through four levels. Vs Colosseum mode has two players race to finish the map first.

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