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Ubisoft is one of the few publishers still pouring out exclusives for the Nintendo Wii. While Nintendo’s casual crusader has waned from the monthly sales spotlight, there still appears to be a teat left worth milking in the eyes of Ubisoft.

The company announced that the video game based on popular Swedish group, ABBA, will be landing on retail shelves exclusively for the Nintendo Wii beginning November 15th this fall. If you enjoy rocking out to body-moving, hip-swinging tunes, then you’ll probably find yourself looking forward to the new music-rhythm game.

Tony Key, U.S. senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft commented in the press release, saying…
“In the video game market, Ubisoft is the dancing king,” ... “With ABBA You Can Dance, players can dance, they can jive, and they can have the time of their lives, all thanks to ABBA’s music and Ubisoft’s latest entertaining dance video game.”

The game sports a four-player cooperative mode, where two players dance and two players sing along with the lyrics on-screen. You can literally become a hard hitting, pop musical sensation with friends or family right in the comfort of your own home. The game also sports additional video clips of the popular music group, ABBA, with trivia and information exclusive to the game.

With 26 of the group’s biggest hits available in the game, there’s plenty of singing and dancing fun to be had…if you’re into that sort of stuff. ABBA You Can Dance will be available this fall exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, and you can find out more by paying a visit to the Official Ubisoft Website.