APB Reloaded Version 11 Detailed With New Weapons, Scoring System

While a lot of talk around the town about APB has centered on the upcoming APB: Vendetta, don't ever think that G1 is abandoning the bread and butter of APB: Reloaded. The game will be receiving a major update soon with brand new weapons, a new contact and an overhauled scoring system.

Okay, so you know how before in the previous post about optimization I mentioned there were two things that people really hated about APB: Reloaded and it was the performance and the matchmaking. Well, after dealing with some of the lag issues, Reloaded Productions has noted in the official APB blog that they're now addressing the scoring system that ultimately affects the matchmaking.

So, as vets know, the old scoring method was about wins and losses. If you won your “Threat” went up and you were matched against equal (or close to equal) players. If you were carried your “Threat” still went up. If you were a lackadaisical puss but you still won, your “Threat” still goes up. Well, that's all changing with the latest update entitled “Settling the Score”.

Players will now be ranked and scored based on actual mission performance. How many cars did you hijack in the round? How many targets did you nab or get into the target area? How many players did you shoot? How many did you arrest? How many teammates did you uncuff? How many people did you stun? How well did you snipe? Etc., etc.

Overhauling the ranking/scoring system is great because now players will be tallied and “Threat” ranked based on mission performance whether they win or lose. This means that a beastly player who carries the team but loses by a split-second will stay maintain a high “Threat” level, because even though they lost they're still beastly. Wins and loses no longer determine a player's efficiency, but rather the in-game performance determines “Threat”.

As for the new weapon...it's similar to the RPK, or the LMG version of the AK-74 and it's called the Nekrova Squad Support Weapon. It's more of a mobile LMG that allows you to sprint, however it does less damage than the ALIG and has a slower firing rate than the SHAW.

Reloaded is also working on a flare gun, which works as an AOE tagger that also does light explosive damage on impact. The real highlight of the flare gun is in “tagging” opponents so that they show up on your teammates' radar. It's definitely a tactical weapon best used for situations involving multiple breaching/entry points or flanking situations.

Following the previous update, you can look for Version 11 to launch soon or grab a digital copy of the game from Steam right now...for free.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.