If you've always wanted a game where you can build and shoot things; work as a team but also get class-specific abilities; the option to completely destroy a world using mining tools, and do so with a bunch of friends, well you can thank Jagex Games for Ace of Spades, which just launched...about 18 minutes ago.

The game is pretty straightforward: there are a couple of game modes ranging from team deathmatch to demollition, you get four different classes to choose from including a Marksman for sniping, a Miner for demolition, a Commando for shooting, and a Rocketeer for jet-packing and rocket launching.

What's fun about Ace of Spades is that unlike other deathmatch games you can Minecraft your way to victory. Hey, is that enemy spawn point annoying the piss bubbles out of you? Dig underground and camp their spot from below. Are those lunar rockets bugging your bunghole? Well, build some ladders and construct a sniper nest overhead; teamwork and imagination are your only limitations. Check it out in the official launch trailer below, featuring the incomparable Ace of Spades song from Motorhead, the King of Kings.

The combat is legit and the building mechanics are righteous.

I had some fun messing around with the game a bit before release and the best parts about it was destroying stuff. I'm curious if there will be an update where you can actually focus on building without the time limits, though? Seems like a wasted opportunity to just have a lot of the focus on the shooting and deathmatch.

Anyway, you can hop into Ace of Spades right now for only $9.99. The game is also available on Steam. So...there you go.

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