Double Fine's adventure/puzzle game Stacking is expanding beyond its console roots. Double Fine Productions revealed this week that they're developing a PC version of the downloadable title.

X-Play declared Stacking the Best Downloadable Game of 2011 this week. While accepting the award, Double Fine showed a stacking doll carrying a sign that read, "Coming Soon To PC!" See for yourself in the video below.

Stacking takes place in an Industrial Age world inhabited entirely by Russian stacking matryoshka dolls. Players control Charlie Blackmore, a doll whose family has been forced into indentured servitude by an evil industrialist known as the Baron. It's up to Charlie to rescue his family and put an end to the Baron's sinister company.

Charlie is the smallest doll of all, so he's able to stack inside larger dolls and control them. Each doll has a unique set of abilities that he can use to solve puzzles. For example, you can hop into a security guard doll in order to unlock a door. Many of the puzzles have multiple solutions.

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