PQube and BitComposer Games has announced that a followup to their Air Conflicts: Secret Wars will arrive on the 71st anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks and is aptly named Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. The game will of course be made available for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

The original game launched to little fanfare in the mainstream arena, but apparently found itself a nice niche audience amongst flight simulation enthusiasts.

As stated in the press release...
Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers combines real WW2 settings, vehicles and weapons with action arcade gameplay, in addition to flight-sim and strategy elements plus a compelling storyline. It shows much improvement to graphics and handling over its predecessor and offers in-depth game play.

The game sports two campaigns, both as Allies and Axis, so you get to defend Pearl Harbor and you get to attack Pearl Harbor. There are three different aircraft carriers, 22 different battle ships and 13 different aerial aircraft at your disposal.

If you're into flight sims but want something accessible and fun, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers may not be a bad way to go. The game is set for release on December 7th in PAL territories for home consoles and PC. Need to learn more? Head on over to the Official Facebook Page.

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