The team at Creative Assembly are going over and beyond to try to recapture what little integrity and semblance of appeal that Fox's Alien brand has left. After numerous, butchered movies over the past decade diminishing the quality of the iconic franchise and a game from Gearbox and Sega that landed the two studios in court, I'm sure a lot of gamers were pretty much nearly fed up with the whole “Aliens” thing.

Well, Creative Assembly really seems to be head-over-heels for trying to revive and resuscitate some modicum of interest from the gaming community for the brand and they're doing so by going back to the roots that helped put the fearsome xenomorphs on the map in the first place.

The video above showcases a strong attention to detail – a take on the atmosphere and art-style that doesn't just reek of Call of Duty in space (thankfully). We see that Creative Assembly seems to really want this Alien title to stand the test of time as something both atmospheric and highly immersive.

I think they're definitely on the right path.

Then again, I've always loved the futuristic lo-fi settings. I mean movies like A Space Odyssey and Moon 44 really captured some awesome, dark tones of what a lo-fi future could look like. It's nice to see that Creative Assembly have gone over and beyond to capture that feeling from Ridley Scott's original vision with the first Alien film.

Of course, a fancy, positively bespoke video about a certain aspect of the game's aesthetic with minor clips of cool looking gameplay segments is how Gearbox and their army of partially-contracted developers sold gamers on the original Aliens: Colonial Marines. It's amazing how far a few clips and words from the president of the studio about “authenticity” and his “love” for a brand can take that hype machine, complete with pre-orders in tow.

In this case, I do have a little bit more faith in Alien: Isolation only for the sake that they are showing us gameplay that seems authentic to their vision of basically bridging the fringe Slender-Man-style horror sub-genre into the mainstream. Even if the game doesn't turn out to be amazing, it's doing something that isn't a retread of a failed botch-job that was Aliens: Colonial Marines... or at least, we can hope.

Anyway, I love the art-direction so far. I'm totally digging the lo-fi sci-fi approach and the retro-futuristic visual themes. That's something I always think is really cool and it seemed to work well to help bring to life Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

You can look for Alien: Isolation to launch for old-gen consoles, new-gen consoles and PC this October. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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