In the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game, players will be able to freely explore Manhattan. A new developer diary from Beenox explains how they want to make players feel just like Spider-Man.

The camera will be tighter on Spidey in this game, in order to give you more of a sense of velocity while he swings through the streets of New York. You'll also get a sense of vertigo when you jump off tall buildings. You love vertigo, don't you? Of course you do!

At any given time, players can pursue side missions throughout the city. For example, police might be chasing a criminal or an innocent citizen could be in trouble. Completing these tasks will give you experience points, allowing you to further develop Spidey's talents.

Amazing Spider-Man will debut in North America on June 26th, just days before the film of the same name arrives. I'm still iffy on the film (did we really need to reboot a ten year old movie?) but this game looks like it could be a fun diversion while I wait for another inFamous.

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