Bruce Campbell has made cameos in several Spider-Man films so it's only appropriate he'd appear in the Amazing Spider-Man game as well. He'll play the Extreme Reporter in the sandbox game.

The Extreme Reporter is a source of side missions in the game. He floats above New York City in a blimp and thinks up crazy sporting challenges for Spider-Man. These challenges task Spidey with performing tricks or navigating routes through the city in record time.

The Reporter sounds pretty much like the ideal Bruce Campbell role: he's a pompous loud-mouth who trash-talks Spider-Man at every turn. There were no close-up shots of the character so it remains to be seen whether his chin is as epic as Campbell's.

Amazing Spider-Man will debut next week, days before the launch of the film of the same name. As far as I can tell, Campbell won't be in the movie - lame.

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