Amazing Spider-Man will give players the chance to take on the role of Stan Lee. How does an aging comic book creator fight crime? "Awesomely," replies the gameplay video.

Stan Lee has powers similar to Spider-Man himself. He can swing through the streets of New York with web and pummel groups of foes in hand-to-hand combat. Lee can also slow down time with Web Rush. In a fun little twist, the Web Rush camera shows the frames of Lee's eyeglasses.

Lee is traveling Manhattan in order to collect pages of his latest script. Activision previously said that the end of the mission will have a surprise for Spider-Man fans. This surprise is supposed to be related in some way to the 50th anniversary of the character.

You can get access to the legendary comic book creator by pre-ordering the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of Spider-Man through Best Buy. This is one of two special pre-order DLC packs up for grabs. GameStop is offering pre-order DLC that lets you take on the role of Rhino and rampage through New York. I'm leaning Rhino, personally.

Amazing Spider-Man will be available worldwide next week.

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