I may not be a fan of Electronic Arts, but boy do I have to give it to their marketing department when it comes to unleashing the AAA goodness in promo media. The latest trailer for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel plays up the game's Die Hard or Go Home attitude by filling every single inch of every single second with bullets-to-the-wall action.

While there are a ton of “Me too” shooters out there, I've always admired the style and machismo of Army of Two. I imagine the next game following this latest one will probably feature a husband and wife duo, or a boyfriend and girlfriend or two ladies, because otherwise I imagine there will be complaints from a certain group if they don't.

But enough textual prattle; you came here to let your eyes get sexually assaulted by the same kind of entertainment values that make us love/hate Michael Bay. Lo and behold, the blockbuster trailer for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel.

If that didn't get your blood pumping and your Schwarzenegger cells throbbing then there's no hope for you unless you pop some Viagra and nitrate pills while bungee jumping from an exploding helicopter.

For the rest of us normal folk who live life one explosive blockbuster at a time and find that we need a regular dose of vicariously living out dude-bro heroics to make us feel like we're fulfilling some power fantasy, you only have to keep your anticipation in check for a few more weeks, because Army of Two: Devil's Cartel is set for release on March 26th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Need more info? Feel free to pay a kind co-op visit to the Official Website.

Oh yeah, and that super-badass with the scarred up face and that awesome mask looks like he might be a real show-stealer, eh?

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