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The Assassin's Creed 3 downloadable campaign Tyranny of King Washington gives player access to new nature-based abilities. A trailer from Ubisoft demonstrates the wolf powers that Ratonhnhaké:ton will draw on.

The power of the wolf allows him to become invisible. This allows him to sneak past guards or take them from surprise. Ratonhnhaké:ton can also summon wolf packs to assist in battle.

In this alternate history DLC, Ratonhnhaké:ton hasn't become an Assassin. He compensates for his lack of training and gadgets by using these powers. Other beast abilities at his disposal let him move swiftly or boost his strength.

King Washington plays out over three parts. The first episode, "Infamy," was released in February. "Betrayal" is due on March 19th and "Redemption" will complete the series on April 23rd.

Each episode of Tyranny costs $9.99. The Season Pass, including all three episodes and two other DLC packs, is priced at $29.99.