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Rocksteady Studios provided the first look at Batman Arkham City's upcoming DLC Harley Quinn's Revenge. They've released a piece of concept art that reveals the DLC's logo and Harley's new look.

The picture confirms that the DLC takes place after the events of Arkham City's campaign. Harley is shown dressed in funeral garb with her head bowed. "Why did you have to leave me Mr J?" reads the Rocksteady tweet accompanying the art.

The title of the DLC suggests that Harley's not too happy that the Joker is gone. She's decided to launch some mad scheme to wreak vengeance upon Gotham City. It's not quite clear what that scheme will be yet, though.

When they first announced Harley Quinn's Revenge, Rocksteady said it will offer over two hours of gameplay. Players will control both Batman and Robin in the DLC. They'll conduct investigations and crack a few skulls - y'know, typical dynamic duo stuff. This will be the first story-driven DLC for Arkham since its release last fall.

The DLC will be released through PSN and Xbox Live on May 30th. It will also be included in the upcoming Game of the Year Edition, which will hit North America in May and Europe in September. The GOTY editions will also include all the other content released for the game post-launch.

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