Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood Trailer Shoots Up Criminals

Batman: Arkham Knight received a new trailer today focused on Red Hood. The video lets us see what tricks the vigilante has in his disposal during the game.

Although Red Hood is a crimefighter, he takes a very different approach than Batman. He's perfectly willing to kill his enemies and does so several times throughout the trailer. His main weapons are a pair of high-caliber pistols that he'll even fire in mid-air.

His pistols don't turn the game into a shooter, though. He prefers to fight up close and personal. He's a gifted hand-to-hand combatant like the other playable characters in Arkham Knight. At one point, he uses his grappling hook to grab an enemy so he can deliver a flying kick to his chest.

There's a reason why he has a similar fighting style as Batman. Red Hood is Jason Todd, who assumed the role of Robin after Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing. Todd was then murdered by Joker. He was resurrected sometime later but with a new persona and style of crime-fighting.

It'll be interesting to see how Red Hood fits into Arkham Knight's campaign. While he's technically on the side of law and order, Red Hood's brutal tactics will make it almost impossible for Batman to cooperate with him. Will they form a reluctant partnership because of the attack on Gotham or will they fight each other?

I'm also wondering how Red Hood connected to Arkham Knight, a villain who also wields pistols and seems obsessed with Batman. Are they one in the same? Or does Arkham Knight defeat Red Hood and simply use his weapons to taunt Batman?

Players can become Red Hood by pre-ordering Batman: Arkham Knight through GameStop. Gamers who pre-order through select retailers can also get the Harley Quinn Story Pack, a prequel in which Joker's former squeeze attacks a police station.

Other members of the Batman "family" will also be playable in Arkham Knight. Nightwing and Robin will each accompany Batman into battle at certain points in the game. During fights, players can swap in real-time between the Dark Knight and his companion. This Dual Play feature gives players access to new moves and gadgets while also enabling them to pull off cooperative takedowns with the two characters. Furthermore, one of Arkham Knight's DLC packs will star Batgirl.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.