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Batman: Arkham Origins Brings Back Mad Hatter

Batman: Arkham Origins will pit the Dark Knight against the Mad Hatter, one of his oldest foes. The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine provides the first details and image of the Hatter's appearance.

Mad Hatter, also known as Jervis Tetch, is a psychopath obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. He uses mind control technology to make his victims act out scenes from the book. Tetch is also fixated on kidnapping blond-haired, blue-eyed girls because of their resemblance to Alice. Once he's kidnapped one of these girls, he violates and murders her.

The OXM article (opens in new tab) details Batman's attempt to rescue an "Alice" during an Arkham Origins side mission. He's being affected by Mad Hatter's mind control and must make his way through an Alice in Wonderland-inspired dreamworld. He'll fight enemies streaming out of mirrors and ride a raft across a river of tea. Batman must then climb a clocktower in order to finally confront the Hatter and save the girl.

The Hatter is one of many villains on Batman's Most Wanted list. Previous screenshots confirmed that he'll be facing off against the the Joker and Anarky as well. Batman is being hunted as much as he's hunting, though; crime lord the Black Mask has put a bounty on his head and many assassins will be coming to Gotham to collect. The bounty hunters include Deathstroke, Deadshot and Copperhead.

Arkham Origins is a prequel so Batman will be facing many of these villains for the first time. He's used to fighting lowly criminals but now he'll be fighting a new class of scum. That could make the story of Origins very interesting. Batman's not an expert crime fighter just yet; he's like a farm league baseball player who just got called up to the majors. I really hope that the game shows his gradual character development rather than pulling a Tomb Raider and making him instantly bad-ass.

WB Games will release Origins in October. Details on a rumored Collector's Edition hit the web last week so it might be available for pre-order soon.

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