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Some of the bugs in Batman: Arkham Origins will never get fixed, developer WB Games Montreal revealed this weekend. They're focusing their energy on creating additional content for the open-world game.

"The team is currently working hard on the upcoming story DLC and there currently are no plans for releasing another patch to address the issues that have been reported on the forums," a community manager said on the WB Games forum.

WB isn't ruling out patches altogether. However, they'll only resolve bugs that prevent players from progressing further in the campaign. The studio can't promise anything more than that.

"The issues that are not progression blockers will unfortunately no longer be addressed. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for some of you, and want to thank you for having been patient."

I understand why they would find campaign bugs to be more important. What about issues preventing players from completing side quests, though? Or glitches that prevent certain character abilities from being used as intended? Why aren't they considered worthy of the developer's time?

The story DLC mentioned by the community manager hasn't been announced yet. However, it's believed that this add-on will star Mr. Freeze. It's the last piece of the Season Pass content for the game.

Players paid $20 for that Season Pass. You'd think that money would buy them more than four months of bug support from WB. The developers only guaranteed new content, though. Quality assurance, especially after launch, sadly isn't a given for any game. Gamers have to pray that developers will fix their game or - failing that - complain until they do.

If anything, patches should be prioritized over downloadable content. DLC might directly earn money but is anyone going to buy more content for a broken game? In the long term, are they going to buy the next game from a company that can't bother to fix their own products? WB's strategy just strikes me as very short-sighted.

The company's apparently in cost-cutting mode these days. Last month they announced that the Wii U version of Arkham Origins won't receive any additional DLC. Players who purchased the Season Pass for that platform were given refunds.

Arkham Origins is the first entry in the series developed by WB Games Montreal. Rocksteady Studios, the creators of the Arkham series, are believed to be creating a next-gen Batman game. WB Montreal's other credits include the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City and free MMO Lego Legends of Chima Online.

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