Telltale Games have been pushing through the gaming industry with a wide variety of different licensed property they've been tackling, leaving lots of fans hungry for more and eager to see what the developer tackles next. Well, their next big project centers around the Caped Crusader, and they'll be unveiling the first bits of details on the project at SXSW in the middle of March.

Game Informer picked up the news that the game would be unveiled on March 18th during the SXSW Gaming Expo in Austin, Texas. The gaming event will be open to the public, so anyone interested in attending will be able to do so.

According to a blog post on the Telltale Games website, the announcement for Telltale's Batman game will take place in the afternoon at 4:30PM at the Austin Convention Center in Ballroom C. As previously mentioned, the admission is free so anyone in the general vicinity who want s to learn more about Telltale's take on the Dark Knight will be able to do so without any worries about admittance.

The event will actually take place in the form of a panel discussion and it will be hosted by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, who was previously an on-screen personality and content maker for IGN.

If you're unable to attend and you still want to find out exactly what Telltale's Batman game is going to be like, you can still check out the event through a live-stream on the Twitch TV channel for SXSW. It will be live broadcasting various panel discussions and events surrounding the SXSW Gaming Expo.

The panel discussion surrounding Telltale's Batman will be around 45 minutes long, so whatever they have to share will likely be quick and to the point. In all likelihood there might be a trailer and they might unveil some of the cast of characters as well. At the very least we will likely be able to find out exactly what sort of art-style they'll pursue for the game and how they plan on depicting their rendition of DC's iconic super hero.

The news itself also leaves gamers to question exactly how they plan on approaching the design of the game? Typically Telltale focuses on dialogue choices and options, like in The Game of Thrones or Minecraft Story Mode. However, sometimes they take different approaches to the design style of the game, with The Wolf Among Us being more of a murder-mystery, and The Walking Dead having some shooting and zombie-hacking aspects sprinkled throughout. Heck, they're not shy in including sword battles in The Game of Thrones every once in a while. It leaves you to question if their upcoming take on Batman will see players laying out bad guys with a lot of fisticuffs? Or focusing more on Batman's detective skills? One thing that might happen is that they could focus more on Bruce Wayne and his relationships.

I guess we'll find out exactly what Telltale has in store when they make the big revelation on March 18 next week.
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