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Batman V Superman Mobile Game Launches

Before seeing the Caped Crusader and Krypton's Number One Son duke it out on the big screen, you can help decide the outcome of one of the biggest battles in comic book history with the new mobile game Batman v. Superman: Who Will Win?

If you're excited to see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters later this year, then you're likely eagerly anticipating tomorrow's pre-sale for tickets. The movie hits theaters on March 25, however, so that leaves you a lot of time to sit and ponder what the outcome of the film will be.

If you've got an iOS or Android mobile device, then you can fill some of that time playing the latest movie tie-in game that asks Who Will Win?. You can also play the game in your web browser if you don't feel like downloading the app.

You won't have to worry about any movie spoilers here, as the gameplay is kept nice and simple. You'll choose either Batman or Superman, then help them sprint through the city and collect items along the way. A runner, you'll have the ability to upgrade certain abilities like “head start” using the points you've collected. Otherwise, you just run, slide, jump and occasionally soar for as long as humanly (or Kryptonianly) possible.

Your points then get added to a mass pool, which I assume will be the ultimate decider of who wins the showdown. I know I said earlier that you don't have to worry about plot spoilers, but what if the Batman v. Superman movie comes out and it really is nothing more than the two heroes running and collecting shiny items for three straight hours?

To be fair, this could very well be the best Superman game ever made. The soaring Boy Scout has had bad luck in the games department, which is why developers tend to avoid the property altogether these days. The same was basically true for Batman until the Arkham games came out. Now that I think about it, maybe a game from Rocksteady based on the Bats vs. Supes movie would be a solid idea? I mean, if they can break the Batman curse, maybe they can break the movie tie-in curse, too?

If you're still looking to fill gaming time until the movie, don't forget that Batman and Superman can still go toe to toe in NetherRealm Studio's excellent Injustice: Gods Among Us. It turns out the Mortal Kombat crew can make a killer fighting game, no matter who the characters are. There's a solo campaign that actually pits the two against one another, too, or you can just host one match after another until you feel you've collected enough data to make a proper assessment on who will actually win. Or, you can just wait until the movie come out. Your call.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.