Origin is providing gamers with a huge incentive to pre-order Mass Effect 3. They'll give you a copy of the digital PC version of Battlefield 3 for no charge with your order.

The offer seems to apply to any pre-order of ME3 through Origin. It doesn't matter whether you reserve the game on consoles or the PC. There's no mention of when the offer will expire.

It's a pretty amazing deal. BF3 is only a few months old and was in our estimation one of the best games of last year.

"No other multiplayer shooter out there is quite like Battlefield 3. It's a deep, thrilling experience that accomodates a wide range of playstyles," said our review.

There's one other nice thing about getting BF3 for free: it lets you access to multiplayer side of the Mass Effect 3 demo earlier. The ME3 demo, released yesterday, will have its co-op missions unlocked on the 17th. However, everyone with a copy of BF3 and an Online Pass can access it already.

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