DICE recently made an update over on the Battlelog community site to let gamers know that they'll be trying something new for 2015. No, EA isn't giving them the go ahead to release mod tools to the community, but they are giving them the go-ahead to work with the community to design a map.

Throughout 2015 one of the maps being released for Battlefield 4 will be designed in part with the community based on feedback and input.

As mentioned in the Battlelog post by senior community manager, Tommy Rydling...
“There’s a piece of content coming in 2015 that we’re really excited about. We will build a Battlefield 4 map together with you – the community. Together with our development team, you will get to shape a playable map based on your input and expertise on what makes a fun multiplayer level.”

If you're curious to know exactly where the team will be starting from in building the Battlefield 4 map and to know exactly how much input players will have in the process, you can see in a quick video below, which gives you an idea of what the canvas of the map will look like and where the team will go from there in terms of structure and layout based on feedback. Check it out.

Seeing the map editor at the 45 second mark instantly made me think “Why not just let modders have a crack at making the map(s)?”

I know that's not going to happen at this stage in Battlefield's brand life since community-made maps would completely kill the DLC map model. I know some people say that they would rather pay for “professional” maps, but I imagine these are people who have had very little experience with some of the more die-hard elements of the modding community or know very little history about the start of the Battlefield series, which has its roots in modding.

I mean, check out some community creations here where gamers and future designers get to have fun in a game making their own thing.

You know what game that goes to? Believe it or not, that's for Unreal Tournament 3. I know, I know, it looks like something from Left 4 Dead.

And who could forget this GMod Tower custom map and mode for Garry's Mod (careful, NSFW language).

And do I need to remind anyone of Doom's new selfie mod? That's just a light dabble of some of the creative stuff gamers have come up with in some of the titles out there that support modding, and it's something you won't be able to see in Battlefield 4. The closest you'll get to mods is helping DICE design a map that fits within the game's pre-constructed library of materials. Close but no cigar.

For gamers who love modding and love the modding scene, announcing that DICE will work with the community but not quite hand over any control becomes a little grating. However, if you've always wanted to get in some input on how a new map turns out, well here's your chance.

You can join in on the feedback round for the community map by paying a visit to the Battlefield 4 CTE forum. Battlefield 4 is currently available right now for home consoles and PC.
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