Battlefield 4 Patch Will Add New Weapons And This Game Mode

DICE is still patching and fixing up Battlefield 4, only this time the patch is less about fixing the game and more about adding new content to the title. What sort of content? Well, they're adding five new guns and bringing back the Gun Master Mode.

Over on the Battlelog website, producer David Sirland rolled out all the important changes in the latest patch, but promises they'll have a complete changelog closer to the release of the patch.

The five new weapons include a “fan favorite” assault rifle. They don't actually name which assault rifle it is. They do mention it has a “unique burst” and a lot of fan desirability. For people who have been keen on keeping up with the fans' demands for new guns in the game, I'm quite positive that they know exactly what assault rifle this is. Off the top of my head I can't specifically think of a gun with a “unique burst” gameplay feature that isn't already in Battlefield 4.

There's also a new carbine bullpup being added to the game with a built-in verticle grip. If you were assuming this is the PDW, you would be way off base because the PDW is also being added to the game. With a silencer and a proper shoulder stock, I always thought the PDW was a great mid-range weapon for support in tight quarters or for laying down some mean suppression. Unsurprisingly, the PDW in Battlefield 4 will have a built-in suppressor.

There's also a very interesting new sidearm being added to the mix that's considered a long range “sniper” that uses magnum rounds. Sounds about identical to the Thompson G2 Contender if I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark. It's a pretty cool gun and one that seems to get the job done no matter what game it's used in, which could soon include Battlefield 4.

The final of the five new weapons will be the magazine-fed light machine gun. The magazine-fed LMG is supposed to be a mix between a belt-fed LMG and a typical “run and gun” assault rifle. I imagine this will be a great weapon for laying down mean suppression fire and offering teammates cover fire while on the move.

One of the more interesting things coming in the Battlefield 4 patch is the full weapon balance pass. This will change the way the weapons behave at various distances, with some weapons have optimal range up close, an effective range around 20 meters out, a falloff of range of between 20 to 30 meters for some weapons, and little more than suppression fire at around the 40 meter range.

And finally, there's the return of the Gun Master game mode. This was a mode that was featured in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Sirland mentions in the blog post...

Gun Master is played like a Team Deathmatch game. The twist is that you don’t get to choose the weapons used. You swap weapons every time you get two consecutive kills on an opponent and whoever is the first player to get a kill with the final weapon wins!

The mode will be playable across five different presets, including Standard, Classic, Pistol, DLC and Troll, with 18 different weapons.

A few more fixes to the PC version's stability and netcode are also inbound. You can keep an eye on the blog for the full patch notes and changelog for Battlefield 4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.