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Battlefield 4

DICE has released a brand-new screenshot from Battlefield 4. The new shot shows two commandos in a ruined building somewhere in Baku.

The screenshot (released through Battlelog) is from the same campaign mission from the first gameplay footage. In that demo, Recker and his squadmates are fighting their way through ruined buildings and a muddy field. You can see that full video here.

Battlefield 4 retains the modern-day setting of BF3. The story kicks off with American forces evacuating VIPs from Shanghai. The rest of the campaign chronicles a squad's troubled journey home.

EA is promising a "character-driven" and "intense" campaign. Hopefully it's a bit less vanilla than the campaign from BF3. Either way, it'll probably be ignored in favor of multiplayer by most players, though.

BF4, the first game to utilize the Frostbite 3 engine, is due this fall on consoles and PC.

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