This weekend the first image from Battlefield 4 hit the Internet, confirming a modern-day setting for the military shooter. Fans have analyzed the image a bit more and deduced that the game could be set in Shanghai, China.

The picture has smaller images embedded throughout it. These images are distorted and have an orange filter but some details can be seen. A ski slope, fighter jet and armored personnel carriers are visible in a few. Those don't tell us much about the game, though.

The clearest of these small image seems to show the skyline of Shanghai (via Evil Avatar). The distinctive Oriental Pearl Tower is on the left. For basis of comparison, here's a normal picture of the city.


The Battlefield 3 campaign took place in several countries throughout the world, including France, the United States and Iran. There's no reason to think that Battlefield 4 will be any different. Shanghai could turn out to be one of many countries in the game. Its inclusion suggests that China could be a key part of the plot, though.

Battlefield 4 will be announced on March 26th at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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