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The Binding Of Isaac Demo Released, Big Update On The Way

Last week Edmund McMillen, co-designer of Super Meat Boy, released a new PC game called The Binding of Isaac. If you haven't picked it up yet, you've got an opportunity to try it for free.

Binding is a 2D action RPG similar to Legend of Zelda. Players control Isaac (or an additional, unlockable character) and battle their way through Isaac's mother's monster-filled basement. The levels and the power-ups you'll find in them are randomized to make the game more replayable.

A Flash demo of Binding can be found at It features two levels from the full game. There are eight bosses and 60+ items that you can encounter in the randomly-generated levels.

McMillen revealed in an e-mail to fans that there's a big, free update on the way. It will be released on Halloween.

"The update will consist of 20+ new items, 3 new bosses, 1 new playable character, a few more achievements and a new 'final chapter' for the people out there who have 'finished' the game," said McMillen. "This 2nd update is more or less my dream update, something i wanted to be able to do for release but knew it would push the game back another month to get done, so in a way on the 31st Isaac will become exactly what i wanted to release but didn't have the time to finish."

Binding can be purchased through Steam/a> for five bucks.

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