Irrational Games has released another part in that eighties-style BioShock Infinite documentary "Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?" The second installment of the documentary focuses on the Songbird.

The Songbird is a 30-foot winged creature that lives in the floating city of Columbia. The bird's purpose is unknown to the outside world. However, it's been spotted by citizens across the world according to old newspapers.

Booker DeWitt, the hero of BioShock Infinite, knows full well what Songbird's purpose is. The creature is the jailor/guardian of Elizabeth, a mysterious woman imprisoned in Columbia. Booker's objective is to rescue Elizabeth from the city so he and this winged beast will inevitably have to fight each other.

If you like the look of the Songbird, note that you can get a replica statue by purchasing the Collector's Edition of the game. For additional eighties-style footage of BioShock Infinite, check out the first part of "Modern Day Icarus."

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