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Dr. Ray Muzyka, one of the former co-founders for BioWare, put out a simple Twitter message for fans who supported BioWare throughout the years. In that same message he also managed to blast gaming journalists for “ill-founded” rumors and “speculation”. Why? Because there were rumors circulating that Muzyka and fellow co-founder Greg Zeschuk left the gaming industry for good because of “whiny” and “entitled” fans.

For those that don't know, co-founders of BioWare Dr. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have left BioWare and the gaming industry for good. This spawned tons of speculation across the web about why the duo left and what could have prompted them to depart the company responsible for hits such as Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic.

Well, a few websites took a spin on that position, saying that the recent departure of Muzyka and Zeschuk from BioWare was in result of all the hate from those “entitled gamers”. Forbes gives a breakdown on how the whole thing spiraled out of control based on the piece from Now Gamer, which speculated that the blame was on gamers for Bioware's head honchos walking away from the business.

DSO Gaming picked up the tweet from Ray Muzkya which tells a different story, however, where Muzkya tweets...
I respect/revere fans, because they speak with deep, honest passion. Journalists speculating on ill-founded rumors should reassess approach.

Good websites demand clarity and credibility – lesser ones enable ill-informed individuals to make stuff up about other people.

“Clarity” and “credibility”? Well, they ain't us. However, what Muzyka opines does seem to fit a trend that gamers have been begging for out of the gaming journalism ring for some time: reporters who can spew facts, information and ask tough questions, not fanboys who suck up to publishers for freebies.

It's funny where the gaming industry has ended up. It's not funny because it's funny, it's funny because it's sad, depressing and desperate looking.

Hopefully Muzyka and Zeschuk will find green pastures away from the imperialist nation of EA and maybe one day they'll return to the industry to make one more blockbuster for those passionate fans who stuck by them through thick and thin. As the old saying goes, EA can buy a lot of things but they can't buy creativity.

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