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Already a big hit on the PC, indie space exploration game Kerbal Space Program is about to touch down on consoles with an impending launch on the Xbox One.

For those unfamiliar with Kerbal Space Program, the game is a resource management and engineering fiends dream come true, initially tasking the player with building a craft capable of reaching the moon.

KSP doesn't hold your hand, however, as physics and design have an impact on your success. Do a lackluster job and you'll watch time and time again as your ship and the Kerbal critters inside go boom. Just getting a ship off of the ground will be your first major success. Getting it to the moon will be another major task. Oh, and then your squad needs to be able to successfully land it, too.

As you gain more resources, better units and more experience with designing your rockets, you'll eventually undertake bigger and bigger objectives, eventually making that initial trip to the moon seem like child's play. It's the kind of game that STEM educators would go ga-ga for.

Kerbal party for long, as the developers recently announced an upcoming launch on the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the above provides all the news we know at this point, so we're still lacking details like, say, a release date. It's on the way, though, so that's more than enough reason for celebration. Hopefully it doesn't explode on the way.

Kerbal Space Program is just the latest in a long line of indie games making their way to home consoles this generation. Sony started a big push for these kinds of titles last generation but, since then, Microsoft and even Nintendo have beefed up their efforts to attract and support these small but mighty games.

From current hits like Ori and the Blind Forest and Child of Light to yet-to-be-released darlings like Cuphead, Tacoma and Shovel Knight (Boasting the Battletoads, no less), these games are helping flesh out the Xbox One library and keeping players entertained at a fraction of the cost of a AAA title.

So get ready, Xbox One crowd, because you're about to boldly go where no Kerbal has gone before. Well, you're going to try to boldly go places, but you're likely to cause one or ten explosions along the way. Oh, and lots and lots of Kerbal are going to die, too. But it's all for the greater good, and those sacrifices will (maybe) be remembered hours and hours later when you're cruising around the galaxy like a pro.

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