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Randy Pitchford may be getting “skewered” in news media lately and by gamers the world around, but he's still communicating with the community about non-Aliens: Colonial Marines stuff, and some of his tweets indicate that the team may have found a way around the memory limitations that prevented Borderlands 2 from surpassing the level 50 cap.

Two weeks ago Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, had a lengthy interview with Sebastian Haley from GamesBeat. In the interview he revealed that the reason there hasn't been a level cap increase for Borderlands 2 is that everything has to scale with an increased level and it would seriously break the game for home consoles because it would exceed their memory limitations (e.g., Bethesda ran into the same problem with the PS3's shared memory limits with Skyrim, making the DLC a real hill-climb to get done and not constantly crash).

However, Pitchford and crew at Gearbox are still working hard to find a way around the limits of current gen consoles and according to OXM, [via Blues], Pitchford tweeted the following in response to when the level-cap and sixth character class would be implemented into Borderlands 2...
We're working on new DLC for these things in addition the campaign DLC offered in the season pass.

News as soon as we can. Sorry I can't offer more yet - I get skewered when things change in development, whatever the reason.

Ahaha, Pitchford, you old dog. You're only getting skewered because a bunch of other people say you front-manned Gearbox into embezzling money from Sega.

Still, I have hopes that this entire “embezzlement”, “fraud”, “lying to the game community” experience will humble all parties involved, and perhaps through this experience Pitchford and crew will approach projects without the hauteur intentions to milk every dime and dollar out of both employers and gamers.

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