Spiders Studio’s latest offering is the dark fantasy game, Bound by Falme, and it’s headed to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 later this year. According new details being shared by Project Manager Walid Miled, the game is shooting for a Q2 release this year.

Last month, our very own William Usher filled would be Bound by Flames fans in on the fact that the upcoming Spiders game will run at 1080p on the PS4. That post also featured a 20-minute video diving into the specifics of the game, so maybe give it a gander if you want to see the dark RPG in action.

Now Spiders’ Walid Miled is pulling back the curtain even further over on the PlayStation blog, saying that the studio is very excited to get the game out to the players, especially since it will be their first offering on the PlayStation 4.

“In this world, evil wizards, the seven Icelords, have taken over, raising an army of undead and wiping out the living,” Miled said. “Your character, who can be male or female, is named Vulcan. Vulcan is a mercenary and explosives expert—a very unlucky one, might I add—that gets himself possessed by a powerful fire demon.”

Miled goes on to tout the “big and ugly monsters” that inhabit the world of Bound by Flames, saying that the game absolutely aims to live up to its dark fantasy setting. So far, I’m getting a very Deception meets Dark Souls vibe from the game, as Miled explains that charging into battle is never a smart option. Instead, players are encouraged to be stealthy, plan ahead, and set up all sorts of traps before confronting larger foes. Orchestrate a solid strategy and you should be able to outsmart your enemy, adding extra damage and crippling their assault as you go to work with your standard weapons, like hammers and axes.

If sneaking about and relying on heavy weaponry isn’t your style, Miled promises that several other weapon types and valid combat options are possible.

“With variety in mind, we developed different fighting styles as well as an in-depth equipment upgrade and customization system; all of your equipment, from sword to boots, can be upgraded through crafting as long as you gather enough ingredients,” he continued. “We really wanted you guys to feel like you could build the armor and the weapons you want to wear and use. Also, keep in mind that upgrading is not for looks only, and each of the customizations you’ll make will directly impact your characteristics and dramatically influence combat outcome.”

You’ll also be able to recruit companions to help you out in battle, some of which you’ll be able to build romances with. Just try not to get your sweetheart killed in battle.

All in all, it sounds like Bound by Flame is shaping up nicely, throwing in a little something for everyone. Assuming there are no delays, we’ll be able to put that theory to the test ourselves in just a couple of months when the game releases for the PS3 and PS4.

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