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Today the first images and details from Halo creator Bungie's next franchise were leaked. Destiny depicts a future in which our Solar System has been reduced to ruins and only one city is left on Earth.

The game begins seven hundred years in the future. Earth is now under assault by a mysterious alien force "from the edge of the universe." It falls to a group of "knights" to travel the universe and combat the threat. In the process, they'll try to discover the source of these enemies. Perhaps they'll also discover the purpose and origin of the massive alien ship looming above Earth as well.

"Destiny aspires to be defined not just as a ground-breaking video game, but as an epic entertainment property," reads the leaked images sent to Kotaku and IGN. "The ambition is to create a universe as deep, tangible and relatable as that of the Star Wars franchise."

No details on the games themselves were offered. However, Destiny is said to feature exploration, mystery and action. Furthermore, there's an emphasis on socializing so expect some sort of multiplayer component.

Recent rumors suggested that the game is an "MMO-style shooter." The first game in the series will supposedly arrive on current-gen consoles in Fall 2013. Sequels will then be released on the next generation of game systems, including the Xbox 360 and PS3's successors.

Destiny will be published by Activision. The company secured the exclusive publishing and distribution rights to the series in 2010. Bungie is still an independent studio, though, and will retain ownership of the IP.