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The first screenshots for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified were released by 2K Games this weekend. The shots show the Bureau agents responding to reports of alien activity in force.

The Bureau is the Cold War successor to XCOM, the multinational alien-fighting agency in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This bureau was founded to stop cover attacks by the Soviet Union. However, XCOM Declassified depicts their first encounters with extraterrestrials.

The screenshots depict the agents wielding conventional firearms like a shotgun and sniper rifle. However, they're also wearing high-tech gadgetry of some sort. If Enemy Unknown is any indication, players will be able to acquire progressively better equipment over the course of the game.

Just from the look of these images, the game seems like a standard cover-based shooter. However, 2K Marin has made it clear that the game also has strategic elements. Players will command a squad of agents in battle. In between missions, they'll be able to choose upgrades and equipment for each team member.

Declassified is due this August on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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