Some detractor’s note that the Halo franchise doesn’t have the bevy of weapons other shooters do. To that I say, maybe you should play the game prior to leaking stupidity from your mouth hole. The weapons of Halo 3 continue most of our tried and true artillery from both Halo 1 and 2. But some new additions, minor (and in some cases major) changes to old favorites, look to make the finale of the trilogy the most balanced FPS to date. While some info on weapons is scarce, we’ve taken our magic crystal ball and gazed into what we believe will be revealed in the final game. Could we see the Covenant Energy Garrote in action this time around? Possibly, the books (where it has made its only appearance) are based on the famed Halo Bible. Perhaps we’ll see certain weapons that won’t be usable by the player, like the Energy Sword in Halo.

UNSC Weapons

M6G Pistol – All soldiers need a reliable sidearm to fall back on when things come down to the end. The odd thing about this particular weapon is that it was arguably overpowered, at least for a sidearm, in Halo. 2x zoom and three shot kills were a bit too much. The pistol was balanced a little better for Halo 2, and a skilled player could still rack up kills. Until the update that turned the trusty sidearm into a Nerf gun. Look for a higher level of effectiveness this time around.

SMG – The high rate of fire could theoretically make up for the rubber bullets this weapon fires, but it doesn’t. It appears that the SMG is here in a very similar form as seen in Halo 2. This means if you’re caught in a dark cave with numerous hostiles coming in after, you’d be better off using the SMG as a melee weapon.

MA5C Assault Rifle – Ah, the trusty Assault Rifle from Halo has returned. The gun has been balanced to hold up against most weaponry in the hands of a skilled player. In general, this will be your primary weapon when going into battle. The best part? You may survive long enough to at least glimpse the sniper rifle.

Battle Rifle – A scope and high accuracy makes this the best all around weapon in your arsenal. If you played Halo 2 then you know what to expect, it’s almost an exact replica of that version.

Shotgun – The Halo shotgun gets a ton of flak for being one of the most wonky weapons in the game. One game will find you an unstoppable force of a beast, and the next the shotgun appears to have been transformed into a Daisy air rifle. Nothing has changed, so use wisely.

SRS99D Sniper Rifle – The most accurate long range weapon in the UNSC arsenal causes much envy and betrayal from fake MLG players online. The sniper can kill in one or two shots, depending on your skill level, and when used effectively can be the deciding factor in any battle. The sniper looks prettier in Halo 3, but aside from some minor changes will be essentially the same as before.

M41 Rocket Launcher – When you grab the “Rocks” you’re a force to be reckoned with. With a 2x scope and high accuracy, infantry and vehicles are at risk from your explosive projectiles. This time around the lock-on feature has been removed, which puts the skill back into the weapon. Then again it is still pretty damn accurate for such an explosive weapon.

Spartan Laser – The latest major asset in the UNSC’s arsenal is a vicious weapon. It locks on to an enemy, sends out a fear inducing warning laser before the blast comes. Oh, and the best part of the new Spartan Laser is watching your enemy freak out, jumping around like they ate two cans of chili and the toilet is backed up. Making your friends do the “Shit In The Pants” dance during a game is worth the price of admission.

Missile Pod – The first of three heavy weapons that pull you back into a third person perspective, the Missile Pod is the new kid on the block for anti-aircraft destruction. Some may lament the loss of lock-on for the Rocket Launcher in exchange for the ability with the Missile Pod, but not us. The larger clip, faster rate of fire, and devastating effect on Banshees makes this freakish weapon a welcome addition.

Flamethrower – Finally we get our flamethrower. After years of could have been, it is now here in all its glory. The reason we have yet to see it is Bungie couldn’t work out a way to balance the weapon. With the power of the 360 that problem has been solved; this flamethrower actually spits out defoliant instead of flames. Soldiers will be able to use the new flamethrower to lay down some burning good times, at least for a short distance. Because it spits out fuel, the flamethrower can cover walls, and even the bubble shield, with a blanket of toasty flames.

Turret – Now you can carry around your very own unlimited ammo turret, just like Sgt. Johnson during campaign. All that firepower comes with a price though; you’ll be limited in your mobility when pulled back into a third person view.

Frag Grenade – Ah, the trusty frag grenade. The perfect tool for clearing out a room or softening up an enemy around a corner. Proper use of frags is the difference between a 1 shot Battle Rifle kill, and your twitching corpse lying on the floor.

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