Covenant Vehicles

Ghost – It’s like a little purple speeder bike, but with plasma cannons on the front. The Ghost is highly maneuverable, and includes a speed boost for splattering enemies and quick getaways. Properly used, the Ghost can be an effective tool in battle.

Banshee – A small aircraft that is agile and has two weapons aboard. In Halo 2 the fuel rod cannon (B button) was disabled in multiplayer due to balance issues. This time you’ll be able to use it in a limited capacity. You won’t be able to fire at the ground, but in air-to-air combat it’ll come in handy.

Spectre – The Covenant’s answer to the Warthog. Carries 1 driver, 2 passengers, and 1 gunner. Not the most effective vehicle in the game, but it does the job in its own half-assed way.

Wraith – The Covenant tank. This big purple thing is dangerous, but difficult to use right. It has two main weapons, a large mortar that fires in an arc, and plasma cannons on the front. While the speed boost lasts only a second or two, it can destroy other vehicles in its path. Like the Scorpion, the Wraith can be jacked from the front or back.

Scarab – Unfortunately for you, the Scarab has been updated with full A.I. programming. No longer is it a piece of geometry moving along a set line. The Scarab will scramble around, looking for you, and if found you will be dead. So, stay on the move and flank it as best you can. If you get under the Scarab it won’t be able to fire at you, but you’re not safe from being stepped on. It is not playable in multiplayer…we believe.

Boarding Craft – We’re not sure if there’s an official name for this ship, or we simply missed it, but this is a ship that the Covenant mainly use to put troops on an enemy UNSC ship. They enter where the escape pods leave from usually, and can be used to return back to the Covenant Fleet if a retreat is necessary.

The Shadow – This open designed ground transport can carry a few troops and Ghosts for support. If you can get around to the side it’s fairly easy to take out, but the plasma cannons on the back keep anyone chasing at a distance.

Drop Pods – These have been used by the Covenant to “drop” Special Ops Elites onto a planet’s surface. How, and even if, they will be used in Halo 3 is not yet known. The known design would appear to be too cramped to carry even the smallest of Brutes.

Spirit (Covenant Drop Ship) – We’re pretty sure this has never received a formal name in the games, but it’s the big ship that looks like it is two prongs. Normally it comes along to deliver some Ghosts or a few troops.

Phantom – The big boy of the feared Covenant vehicles. The plasma turret on this thing is extremely powerful, and will drop enemies in a matter of seconds. It’s also large enough to carry a few Hunters, so we expect this to be the main mode of transport from space to Earth for the Brutes.

Cruiser Class – These are the Covenant Capital ships that orbit planets and send out most of the vehicles and troops for the Covenant. The most famous is “Truth and Reconciliation”, from the original Halo game.

Brute Vehicles

Brute Chopper – Unlike other Covenant vehicles, the Brute Chopper doesn’t just hover using anti-gravity technology. The Chopper has a huge, heavy, front wheel and a hovering driver’s seat in the back. This bad boy is able to destroy most vehicles in a single hit.

Brute Prowler – Each of the factions need a quick and easy way to move troops into battle. That’s where the Prowler comes in. Equipped with a plasma turret on the front, this vehicle fits a driver, two passengers and a gunner.

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