Bubble Shield – Puts up a semi-transparent bubble around you when deployed. The shield will protect you from any and all weapons, but it won’t prevent enemies from joining you. So prepare for some fragtastic CQC when using it. Tip: Use the Bubble Shield as a trap: deploy it and wait for your enemy to join you (hopefully with a shotgun so they’re cocky), and right as they enter unload your grenades and walk out. It’s like watching fireworks in an overturned glass bowl, only with more blood.

Power Drainer – The magnetic induction effect will power down nearby shields and vehicles. Use it wisely, because the Power Drainer is indiscriminate in its sucking of nearby juice.

Regenerator – The exact opposite of the Power Drainer.

Portable Shield Generator – Creates those pink Covenant energy shields seen in the first two games, but now you can carry them around with you.

Portable Gravity Lift – Temporarily creates an anti-gravity field that can launch players, objects, and vehicles high into the air. Perfect for storming a base and scaling high walls or cliffs. Tip: Use the Grav Lift on vehicles to save yourself. Rather than get splattered, throw one down and watch your enemies flip. Conversely you can throw one down and use it to jump a vehicle over a normally impenetrable wall.

Trip Mine – A pressure sensitive device that goes boom when you step, or roll, on it. A fairly loud beeping alerts those nearby to its presence, so it’s best to place Trip Mines in highly trafficked areas for maximum effect.

Radar Jammer – Scrambles the enemy’s HUD and radar, causing them to see multiple enemies surrounding them on radar. Also makes the screen flicker as if they are taking damage.

Flare – Essentially a flash bang. Causes a blinding light that makes the enemy’s screen get whitewashed for a short period.

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