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CB Games Halo 3 Primer: Editions/Accessories

Because this is Halo there are no shortages of things for you to spend your money on, from the different versions of the game to an Xbox 360 console. Here’s what is available to satiate your fanboy desires.

Regular Edition: Halo 3

This is the game, and only the game. This is for the player with no disposable income, or those who simply want to play a game and not deal with all the extra crap. Price is $59.99.

Collector’s Edition: Halo 3

This version includes the game in a fanciful package, along with some extra content. Price is $69.99

Bestiarium – A hard cover book with information and art on the different species within Halo 3.

Bonus Disk – This disk includes a Halo themed calibration tool, hosted by Sgt Johnson, to get your home theater set up just right for finishing a fight. Gamerpics and a Dashboard them is available, along with concept and production art. A Halo themed mini-game is included as well. The last item is a collection of featurettes on the making of Halo 3.

Cat HelmetLegendary Edition: Halo 3

The Legendary Edition of Halo 3 comes with everything from the Collector’s Edition, and then some. The most famous is the Spartan helmet, which we’ve yet to figure out why anyone would want. To go Legendary will cost you $129.99, and we’re pretty sure they’re all sold out by now.

Legendary Disk – All the cinematics from Halo and Halo 2 have been remastered and presented in hi-res versions. They included commentary tracks from Marty O’Donnell, Joseph State and Jason Jones. A digital, and expanded, version of the Beastiarium is available. The Cortana Chronicles follows Jen Taylor, voice of Cortana, as she explores the Halo fan community around the world. New episodes of “Red vs Blue” and “This Spartan Life” will be included, along with a “mocumentary” hosted by Sgt. Johnson.

Halo 3Xbox 360 Special Edition Console

The puke green console that somebody will surely buy, although there’s no real incentive to do so. The console comes with a wireless controller, 20GB hard drive, headset, Play & Charge Kit, and some Halo 3 gamer pics and Dashboard theme. All of this is yours for $399.99. For our take on the console, check out our story on the announcement here.


  • Limited Edition Halo 3 wireless headset - $59.99

  • Limited Edition Halo 3 wireless controller (Spartan and Brute) - $59.99

  • Limited Edition Halo 3 Play & Charge Kit - $19.99

  • Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 20GB Hard Drive - $99.99

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