Call of Duty: Advance Warfare is set to arrive this November but, being the heir to the first-person shooter throne, it only makes sense that Activision Publishing would want to give the game a mega-sized reception, including three special editions of the game featuring exclusive content, an extra multiplayer map and physical goodies to decorate your coffee table with.

Advance Warfare is primed to take the Call of Duty series in a new direction, namely “up.” While the fancy new futuristic guns and grenades that hone in on the enemy are cool and all, what looks to really set this latest iteration in the long-running combat series apart from the pack is an added sense of verticality. Players will be suited with exoskeletons that allow them to jump much higher than normal, as well as fall great distances so long as they know how to time their landing boosters properly.

Oh, and then there’s also an appearance by Kevin Spacey as the bad guy, so that’s pretty rad, too.

Now Activision and the team at Sledgehammer are asking players to “prepare for a new era of combat,” and there’s no better way to carry out said preparations than to go ahead and pre-order the game. Sure, you could pre-order the standard edition of Advance Warfare and dive into the vanilla packaging and content when it arrives, but where’s the fun in that?

Today, the publisher announced three special editions ready for pre-order (well, two are ready, anyway), including the Atlas Pro Edition, the Atlas Limited Edition and the Digital Pro Edition. Those first two can be pre-ordered right this very minute, while more details will arrive on the digital edition at a later date. The packs are themed after the Atlas Corporation, the fictional private military corporation featured in the game.

The Atlas Limited Edition will come with a collectible SteelBook case for the game, a bonus multiplayer map, a “Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual,” and a digital content pack including an Atlas-themed exoskeleton, two new guns and more. This version of the game will set you back $79.99.

Next up is the Atlas Pro Edition, which includes everything from the Limited Edition, well as the DLC season pass, which includes four upcoming map packs for additional multiplayer content. This version will cost a cool $119.99.

And then there’s the Digital Pro Edition, for those of you who are tired of physical goods. This one will include the game, the season pass for DLC content, as well as some “bold digital” content that will be specified at a later date, all for $99.99.

As a final tid-bit, that extra map we were just discussing is called Atlas Gorge, a re-envisioning of the Pipeline map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

So, there are the details. Make ready your wallets for the Nov. 4 release. And, in case you missed it, check out that new story trailer while you’re at it.

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