Xbox 360 gamers can now purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cosmetic items called Personalization Packs. A new trailer from Activision shows the new visual options that players can choose.

Each Specialization Pack contains a unique weapon camo, three sight reticles, and a Calling Card. The Bacon Pack, one of the nine options for players, makes your weapon look like it's made of cured meat. Your reticle can be changed to a pig face, a slice of bacon, or a steaming slice of bacon.

These packs costs 160 Microsoft Points ($2) apiece to download. There's no alternate, in-game way to earn them unfortunately.

The Specialization Packs are one of many new microtransactions in Black Ops 2. Flags of the World calling cards, extra customization slots and the Nuketown Zombies map are also on sale on the Xbox 360.

According to the Black Ops 2 website, these microtransactions will go live on the PS3 and PC on April 12th.

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