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The biggest game franchise this generation is scheduled to release another billion dollar blockbuster and it's called Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game teaser trailer contains six unadulterated seconds of pure wireframe game design. The trailer comes just shy of the full gameplay reveal set to air during the Xbox event on Tuesday.

Since there's no real details and nothing in that teaser trailer that actually really warranted a full 250 word post here on Gaming Blend, we'll have to fill this space out in a different way. So instead of talking about the information-deficient CoD: Ghosts or advertorializing anything from Activision or commercializing the Call of Duty brand, I think I'll take this time to talk about something that's actually worthwhile...Teslagrad.

The Steam Greenlight submission from Rain Games Studio is an excellent showcase of elemental-based electromagnetic and physics-oriented magnetism, which play a huge role in how the game unfolds. I was thoroughly impressed with the art-style and, as showcased in the video below, the animations for this indie title are absolutely top notch.

As the name suggests, the themes revolve around Tesla's coiled magnetism and electromagnetic energy properties. The platforming is simple enough, with a strong semblance to Hitbox's Dustforce or Pid, but there are also tons of puzzle elements to keep even the most die-hard, finger-muscled core gamers on their toes.

The trailer and visual aesthetic seems to indicate a lot of inspiration from old properties like Little Nemo or Tin Tin, giving gamers something familiar to latch on to. I, for one, am quite excited for the game and hopefully Rain Games Studio will be able to build affinity with enough gamers to ramp up the votes on the Greenlight page for Valve to take notice.

You can check out the gameplay teaser below, which – unlike the video up above – actually contains plenty of engaging looking gameplay with an engrossing premise. If you like what you see and happen to be as excited about the game as I am, feel free to pay a visit to the official Greenlight page for Teslagrad.

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