There are a bunch of new multiplayer videos of Call of Duty: Ghosts up and available featuring tons of fast-paced, highway-speed competitive action, including a video depicting 40 seconds of Juggernaut killstreaking action, some quick-scoping and some classic CoD trolling... because CoD ain't CoD without trolling.

The first video above is just a series of kills taking place in Domination using Juggernaut, where other players attempt to take down another player who is basically the equivalent of a roided up Luke Kuechly from the Carolina Panthers. As you'll see in the quick clip above, Roid-Kuechly does the deed and beats the royal crap out of any and everyone in his way like a Twitter-enraged Chris Brown at a sorority party.

The second video is a little more tame, a little more paced, a little less testosterony. We get a fight in a wide-open area where cover and team tactics should be key but aren't, mainly because this is Call of Duty and everyone wants to be Rambo. Check it out below.

The third video in this illustrious line-up of meth-quality combat tactics that the real military wouldn't be caught dead using on the battlefield features a high-end shotgun in action. The rotary, six-barreled clip and hammer-fed fire-rate makes it an interesting choice and looks more like something out of Borderlands 2 than the typical Call of Duty arsenal.

The shotgun gameplay is far less entertaining than the Juggernaut Killstreak just because it's obviously slower and feels a bit more authentic, and as we all know, there's nothing remotely entertaining about authenticity in Call of Duty.

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