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All right folks, this is the video that solidifies all the beliefs about the Call of Duty community. It's action-packed, it's a little sad and it's entirely funny. The video is in two parts and the first video involves a clan induction trial while the second video climaxes with a sacrifice to the Troll god.

Bitmob picked up the video from Modern Warfare 3 player Evan Dorosheff, who was invited to join a clan in Infinity Ward's 2011 FPS outing. The leader of the clan, an 11-year old, tries his hardest not to get turned into diced meat by the more experienced player, Dorosheff, but then things go a step further and the kids find themselves on the end of a humiliating but understandable prank involving an empty well, several suicides and the Troll god. Behold "The Sacrifice to the Troll god".

Well played, sir...well played.

If you're a parent, those videos should make you feel a bit paranoid, if not and your kids are playing a game like that with a stranger (ignoring the fact that it's rated 'M' for Mature) you should be ashamed of yourself.

While Dorosheff was having fun at the expense of some bratty little kids who should have been playing something that doesn't bleed your IQ out like the Kardasian's show on E!, the one thought that just couldn't escape my thoughts were "Where the heck are the parents?!"

It almost reminds me a little bit of the PS3's 'To Catch a Predator', where you're just trying to figure how parents can leave minors unsupervised enough to even get caught in a trap like that.

Anyways, the video above was pretty funny and the trolling by Dorosheff was played up for some good laughs. So remember, if you come across some punk kid who's punking it up good in Call of Duty, just show him the power of the Troll god and that'll straighten him out.

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