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Super hero MMORPG Champions Online just launched yesterday and there's already new content lined up. In late October, you can expect a "Blood Moon" update to arrive.

As you might suspect, it's a Halloween-themed update. Takofanes, the Undying Lord is attacking Millenium City with an army of werewolves and undead. You being the superheroes, it's your job to stop him. The update will also add a new set of Celestial powers for your character to wield. Here's the full list of features listed on the Blood Moon website:
  • Explore the new Celestial Powerset. Use the power of the Seraphim to heal and strengthen your allies, or release the fury of the Nephilim in a battle against evil.
  • Beware the Zombie Apocalypse rising in Canada! Battle against zombies in PVP, but no matter what, do not fall there. Should you die, you shall return as one of the undead horde, bound to fight in Takofanes’ name.
  • Fight off ravenous werewolf packs, but be careful lest you get bitten and infected with their dark magic.
  • Stand against undead heroes who once fought in the Battle of Detroit, and do your best to free their souls from Takofanes’ necromancy.
  • Challenge Takofanes to drive him from our land, but beware – you must fight the dark sorcerers who serve him before you have any chance of facing the Undying Lord.
The first five screenshots of Blood Moon are below. Cryptic recently stated that they will release premium and free Champions updates year-round. Considering most of the content in Blood Moon is temporary - the attack by Takofanes won't last forever, right? - I suspect this is one of the free updates.

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