The Fullbright Company's first-person simulator, Gone Home, first made waves in the PC gaming space back in the late summer of 2013. They've recently been working on a console port that's due for release on January 12th and IGN managed to showcase 13 minutes of gameplay in a new video.

Andrew Goldfarb and designer Steve Gaynor give gamers some insightful commentary through IGN's gameplay playthrough, which you can check out below.

Walk using the left analog stick and look around using the right analog. The 'A' on the Xbox One is to interact with things while the 'X' button on the PlayStation 4 is to carry out the same action.

As explained by Gaynor in the video, the entire game is about playing the role of an “investigator” so to speak. Players will just spend their time exploring and digging into the details of the game world.

As players examine notes and photographs, they can zoom in with the left-trigger to get even more details and information out of the objects. This is how Gone Home is played. Gaynor makes it known that it's a non-combat first-person game. It's quite similar to titles like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or the more recent Everybody's Gone To The Rapture for the PS4, where players simply walked around an idyllic British countryside interacting with these golden ethereal specters and listening to the dialogue and interactions that took place between the characters. Although, I wouldn't really say it's the same as Everybody's Gone To The Rapture since you didn't really interact with objects that much in that game.

A closer comparison was made with The Chinese Room's other title, Dear Esther. There's definitely some similarities there between Gone Home and Dear Esther, and in a way you could say it's the evolution of what The Chinese Room accomplished with the aforementioned title.

It was mentioned that the game is also similar to Campo Santo's upcoming Firewatch, but I don't really agree with that. Firewatch may be in first-person, but it's certainly not what I would consider to be a “walking simulator”, which is the designation for games that have no combat or immediate danger for players to overcome. Firewatch offers far more interaction than the other titles, and I would say it's closer to being a first-person version of a traditional point-and-click adventure game, since there's just as much environmental interactivity and adventurous sequences involved in the gameplay as there is standard exploration.

Gone Home is purely exploration. There is no reason to duck, or run or hide, and it's fully focused on immersing players into this house with all of these little idiosyncratic clues that reveal more about the occupants and the player-character.

The video above doesn't give away too much about the story or all of the gameplay. There was some controversy amongst gamers who felt as if the media misled them as to what Gone Home actually was, and there were complaints that they should have been warned that the entire thing can be completed in about 20 minutes; but others didn't mind the short gameplay that focused more on exploration than action.

You can look for Gone Home to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting January 12th.
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